Get expert advice from a CPA who is highly experienced in cryptocurrency taxation. Our team can help you assess your current tax situation, navigate complicated crypto issues, and identify tax reduction strategies.

Here are a few common topics for a tax consultation:

  • What is the correct method for tracking cost basis? FIFO, LIFO, Average Cost Basis?
  • Are Bitcoin and other altcoins “like-kind property” under Section 1031?
  • Do I qualify as a day trader?
  • Is my mining operation a business or a hobby?
  • How do I report hardforks or airdrops?
  • Do I need to file an FBAR or a Form 8938?


We conduct crypto tax consultations over the phone or skype audio. The cost is $200 for each 30 minute increment. Most clients find that 30 minutes is enough time to get answers to their tax questions, but clients with more complicated issues or who need in-depth tax planning might need additional increments.

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our crypto tax consultations. If you are not completely satisfied with your consultation, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund the fee no questions asked.

Consultations are limited to US taxes. We are not able to provide other country-specific advise. We also cannot provide advice on anti-money laundering compliance or securities regulations.



Why choose us for crypto tax advice?

  • Experience. Our tax attorneys and CPAs have been providing crypto tax advice since 2013.
  • Expertise. Our tax attorney Tyson Cross is considered a leading authority on crypto taxation and has been published in leading publications like Forbes and Bloomberg.
  • Practical and Useful. We pride ourselves on providing straightforward, easy to understand advice on even the most complicated tax issues.
  • Support. We are crypto tax specialists year round, not just at tax time.
  • Sincerity. We’re not just here for the taxes, we’re part of the crypto community and care deeply about the development and adoption of blockchain technology.